3 Tips To Get Ready For An Open House

Dated: 05/18/2018

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Regardless of how the real estate industry has changed with the internet, open houses are still one of the best ways to market your home. It’s an opportunity to let potential buyers have a close look, and can often be all that’s needed to close the deal. However, according to the staff at G. Le’ Roi Group Realtors® in Maryland Heights, MO, you need to prepare properly. Minor mistakes can ruin the process, so follow the tips below to get the best results.

3 Tips to Get Ready for an Open House

1. Minimize Clutter

real-estate-g-le-roi-group-realtors-powered-by-worth-clark-realtyMany potential buyers want to imagine themselves in the home when they arrive. If you put too much work into staging or overdress rooms, it can be overpowering. Consider removing larger pieces of furniture and taking down distracting art. You may also want to paint colored walls neutral tones. This will let visitors get the best view of the space.

2. Remove Things That Aren’t Included

Any large appliances or features that aren’t part of the sale should be taken out. If a buyer assumes they’re included, it can be a turnoff to explain that they aren’t. To simplify and clarify the process, remove everything that’s going with you so that there’s a completely honest presentation.

3. Let Your Real Estate Agent Preview

To ensure everything is primed for the best results, schedule a mock walk-through with your real estate agent. They can do a final check for the essentials and provide any feedback. They may also invite other real estate professionals, which will give you a more detailed review of any changes that need to be made.

By taking the proper steps, you’ll be able to maximize the success of your open house and reduce the time your home sits on the market. For further real estate assistance, turn to the professionals at G. Le’ Roi Group Realtors Powered by Worth Clark Realty. They offer comprehensive buying and selling services and will work with you through every step of the process. Call (636) 329-4544 today to speak with a real estate professional and visit their website and Facebook page to view their listings.

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